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Your Dream Home Awaits

I am proud to provide you with the tools to browse and search through the complete Cape Coral & Lee County real estate market. I have the greatest REAL TIME database of homes so you can search properties minutes after they are posted in the MLS giving you the edge you need to uncover that great deal and be the first to find it !

Cape Coral homes are sought after by property investors , vacationers and home owners alike because they are able to buy homes for pennies on the dollar.

I specialize in OUT OF STATE & COUNTRY BUYERS. I walk you through the complete process from start to finish. I will not "STEER" you to a house because it is easy for me, it has to make sense for your needs. 

I walk you through the complete process from start to finish answering all questions you have about the buying process. I also have created and implemented a complete management process that takes care of your property while you are away. This is a service I provide to my clients without additional costs of a typical management company. I focus on your piece of mind because I know what having a home hundredsof miles away is like.